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Paul Vexler: Wood Sculptor February 16 – March 5, 2016 ​Opening Reception: Thursday, February 18, 12:30-2:30pm  I like to push the limits of my medium and work in unconventional ways, which also means that I often create new tools and methods. A variety of intentions may come into play as the work is being conceived, but in the end, success is dependent on how it is received by those who experience it. Do they look at it? Are they happy to have seen it? Do they tell their friends to see it? Did they learn s
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Our Mission: PROPELS Student Mentors support, equip and inspire each other, in order to become successful students. We understand that college is not easy, and we believe that the keys to student success are students-helping-students while making connections with others, having access to resources, building communities, engaging in campus activities, and believing in one another.

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