What is Lean?

It is primarily a process improvement tool. Lean is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste by lining up the value creating work tasks in the best sequence, then conducting these without interruptions only when the customer requests them just in time, simply, Lean means creating more value for "customers" with less wasted time and energy. At EvCC, our Lean Team is called, "LAUNCH - Learn, Analyze, Unite, Nurture, Connect, Help."

Interested in Lean for Higher Ed?

This page explains what a Facilitator Training Event entails, contains links to each event by date, and is a resource for any information related to Lean Facilitator Training Events. 

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How has Lean affected EvCC?

EvCC began its formal Lean process work in February 2011. Since that time, twelve EvCC employees have been trained as Lean process improvement facilitators. EvCC’s Lean process is particular to higher education, adapted from the LEAN manufacturing framework.

EvCC shares its success in Lean with the community and technical college system by opening facilitator training to other colleges. So far, 52 CTC employees have been trained as facilitators, taking their skills in process improvement back to eight different colleges.

1. Financial Aid: February 22nd-25th, 2011
Results: Among other improvements, reduced the FA student file hand-off process from 24 steps to 11 steps.

2. Enrollment process: June 18-21, 2011
Results: Analyzed the time required from ‘decision to attend’ to ‘ready to sign up for class’; reduced delays in processing applications from more than 48 hours to less than 24 hours; reduced the foot traffic in enrollment services by moving students to online information and use of the information desk separate from enrollment services.

3. Mailroom/Receiving process: August 1-4, 2011
Results: Redesign of work space to promote cross training and coverage; changed to vendor-sourced printing; improved mail process.

4. Accounts Payable process: July 30-August 2, 2012
Results: Shorter turnaround time from when invoice is received in AP and payment made; reduced late payments.

5. Purchasing process: July 30-Aug 2, 2012
Results: Published process guide for users; improved communication process; expanded use of digital purchasing system.

6. Grant implementation process: Sept 9-12, 2013
Results: Defined implementation lead's standard process from award notice to project operations; determined process flow with who is responsible for what tasks resulting in a non-hire grant implementation timeline improved 13%-22% and a grant hire implementation timeline improved 40%-57%.

7. Nursing Application Process (paper to digital): June 24, 2013-May 1, 2016
Results: 13.6 week administrative work reduction, $12,726 annual supply and administrative savings, design and implementation of the PAM (Program Application Management) system, which is sustainable and developed by the IT Department, effectively transforming processes (paper, broken, difficult to follow, etc.) into an efficient web-based application.

8. Veteran services process: In progress
Results expected: Quantify all the processes that the Veterans’ office currently uses; measure touch points as baseline data for future Kaizen work.

9. HR/ Payroll process: In progress
Results expected: Improve process for making payroll changes; increase accuracy; eliminate redundant, unnecessary paper use, copying and scanning; decreased need for hand checks and other post-pay adjustments

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