EvCC Lean Event - Financial Aid Process

Dates: February 22nd-25th, 2011

Facilitator: Karen Kusler

Leadership Team: Jennifer Howard, Greg Walthew, Mary Hawkins, Laurie Franklin

Participants: Rose Madison, Leo Soril, Tammy Wood, Andrea Wilson, Jennifer Melbo, Stephanie Kermgaard, Anita Radliff, Paula Three Stars


  1. Reduce time to process a FAFSA application to less than one month.
  2. Reduce the number of handoffs of the FAFSA application in the Financial Aid department.
  3. Improve student satisfaction with the process to 60% favorable. (Note: Financial Aid and Parking will seldom - if ever - get high satisfaction ratings on surveys).
  4. Develop guidelines and a collaborative process for Cashier and Financial Aid employees to respond to students' needs.
  5. Evaluate the reliability of the student financial aid online system.
  6. Improve student understanding of the financial aid process, thus eliminating student confusion and frustration with lack of information.

Work Plan (Outcome):