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Build Lean process improvement expertise in your campus staff through the Lean Facilitator Certification program. Everett Community College will be hosting a Lean Facilitator Certification Training August 4th-7th, 2014 on campus. The training fee is $1,800 per person, and includes breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea and water Monday-Thursday.

The training consists of 4 days of interactive exercises:

  • Philosophy
    • Process Flow
    • Roles in Lean
    • Waste
    • Six Sigma and Lean Tools
  • 5S Organization System
  • Facilitation Tips
  • Value Stream Mapping
    • Lean Charter
    • Current VSM
    • Future VSM
    • Identification of Kaizens
  • Root Cause Analysis
    • Fishbone Diagram
    • 5 Whys
  • Action Plan
  • Baseline Metrics
  • Kaizen Plans
    • Implementation
    • Metrics after implementation
  • Documentation of Lean Project
  • Strategies to develop a Lean culture

The trainer provides a year of support through email and telephone contact. Specific concepts covered in the training include: LeanPhilosophy (Process Flow, Roles in Lean, Categories of Waste, Six Sigma and Lean tools), 5S Organization System, Facilitation Tips, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Charter, Root Cause Analysis, Action Plan, Metrics, Kaizen Implementation, Documentation of Lean Project, and Strategies to develop a Lean culture. The trainer for this event is Karen Kusler. As the owner of Kusler Consulting, Karen has 35 years of experience in higher education. She has worked with Washington community colleges on Lean training since 2011.

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Lean Event Registration

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