Master Plan Information

Master Plan Revisions

The College has expanded to incorporate more than 950,000 SF of built space on the main 23-acre campus and six off-campus sites. College facilities will continue to evolve and improve to accommodate anticipated future EvCC enrollment growth through 2035 and beyond, to expand opportunities for learning, teaching and academic excellence. To ensure continued support for the fundamental instructional mission of the College, the intent of the Facilities Master Plan is to describe a comprehensive plan for growth and improvement of campus facilities.

The Facilities Master Plan embodies a philosophy that the learning environment exists not just in a building or classroom, but throughout the entire campus. The Master Plan establishes a rational and flexible development framework aligning curricular goals with physical planning. The Master Plan creates a sense of place and integrates facilities into a balanced and thoughtful campus fabric.

The Master Plan establishes a number of physical objectives to be achieved. Short term needs (5-10 years) are specific projects phased over several biennial planning cycles. Mid-range needs address ongoing property acquisition and replacement of aging buildings. Long-term needs (20+ years) recognize continued significant growth of the College to a total enrollment of approximately 15,500 full-time equivalent students, including WSU students at the new Everett location; this requires development of academic and support facilities on the east side of North Broadway/Highway 99. The Master Plan illustrates a general approach to development that has been adopted by the City of Everett as part of its Comprehensive Plan, updated in 2008.

The following plans were approved by the Board of Trustees in November 2014.

If you have questions about the Master Plan, please contact Pat Sisneros, Vice President of College Services, ext. 9026 (425-388-9026).