Meet the Team

Molly Beeman, Sustainability and Resource Conservation Manager (RCM)

Molly has been with EvCC since 2006, working diligently to establish an institution-wide sustainability program on our campus. Her efforts have brought a comingled recycling program, composting, a 19 kw solar demonstration and many more sustainability projects to EvCC. She currently manages most of these programs, while continuing to promote the greening of our campus.

Contact Molly at or 425-388-9070

Max Tinsley, Sustainability Office Assistant

Max is a student at EvCC with a passion for the environment and sustainable practices. Max assists the RCM with a variety of tasks as well as working to keep the student body engaged in sustainability by working with Student LIFE or representing sustainability at various campus events. 

Contact Max at or 425-388-9565

Pat Snowden, Facilities Program Support

Pat has worked at EvCC since 2012, and shortly after became involved in our sustainability efforts. Pat identifies himself as the resident solar geek; he is certified in solar design and installation and often gives presentations on solar energy to classes and clubs, as well as other campus departments. Pat also serves as the tour guide for our solar array on the rooftop of Liberty Hall.

Contact Pat at or 425-388-9483

Campus Partners


From growing plants on our campus to installing energy efficient lighting, the grounds crew, maintenance and electrical teams have long been supporters of sustainability, and work to incorporate green practices in their operations.


Our purchasing, surplus and mailing departments all participate in sustainability. They partner with us for the junk mail reduction program, offering eco-friendly purchasing options, and more!

Student LIFE

Student LIFE is an active supporter of sustainability on campus. They frequently offer staffing for sustainability related events and help to advertise these events to the campus community.

Information Technology

Our IT Department has been critical in transitioning EvCC to paperless operations. They've implemented a number of paperless and digital programs, such as the Megamations Facilities Ticketing System and utilizing E-forms to replace the use of physical documents.

Thanks to all other departments and campus groups who advocate and support sustainability! If you don't see yours listed and would like to be included, email to have your efforts recognized!