Google Calendar FAQ

The calendar portion of Google Apps allows you to plenty of options for maintaining appointments and creating your own custom calendars to organize and share.

Here is the online help forum for Google Calendar External Site Link,where you can type in anything you want to learn about its features.

Q. Do I have a calendar already?

A. You have one calendar that has been automatically created for you, and that default calendar is public - so anything you put on it can be viewed by EvCC employees.

Q. Can I have a calendar that is private?

A. You can create as many calendars as you want, and you can set each one to be public, private, or a combination of both.

Q. How do I get to the calendar?

A. Usually you will log in to Gmail first. From there, in the top left corner above the logo, next to the word mail is the link to the Calendar. Clicking on that brings up your calendar in another tab without closing Gmail.

Q. How do I put an event on the calendar?

A. Follow this guide on creating an event and setting the event details Acrobat PDF Reader Icon.

Q. What if I need to share the event with other people?

A. Here are the steps to follow so you can share the event with others Acrobat PDF Reader Icon.

Q. How do I see if they are available?

A. The tutorial on finding an open time Acrobat PDF Reader Icon walks you through how to use either Suggested Time or Find a Time to pick a date and time for your event when everyone can attend.

Q. Can I see someone else's calendar?

A. You just need to start typing in a name in the box under the title Other Calendars in the left bar. Name suggestions will pop up when you start typing. Click on a name and you will get their calendar. Some people may not put anything on their public calendar, but you do have access to it.

Q. What if I don't want to see their calendar all the time?

A. You'll see their name in the list under Other Calendars. Click on the name to hide the calendar. Click again to show it.

Q. How do I make a new calendar for myself?

A. Here is the tutorial on creating custom calendars and choosing their privacy settings Acrobat PDF Reader Icon.

Q. Can I make an appointment calendar?

A. Yes. You can follow this guide to make an event on your calendar where people can reserve an appointment Acrobat PDF Reader Iconin a slot of time that you set up, and it automatically tracks the appointment on your calendar and theirs.