Google Mail FAQ

You can learn a lot from visiting the Gmail Help Center External Site Link. Below are additional answers to a lot of the questions that have come up about Gmail at EvCC.

Gmail Questions and Resources

Q. What is my Gmail password?

A. Your Gmail password is automatically linked to your EvCC password. When you set your EvCC password, your Gmail password will be the same.

Q. How do we get to our email?

A. You'll get to Gmail through your web browser or client.

Q. Where do I change my Gmail password?

A. For students to change the password you need to go to the page for resetting your EvCC passwordEvCC employee passwords for Gmail automatically match their EvCC login, so you shouldn't change your Gmail password.

Q. Can things stay in the trash longer than 30 days?

A. No. Google sets the 30 day limit. You can always archive mail you think you might need rather than deleting.

Q. What is the size limit on a single Gmail message?

A. The limit is 25 megabytes, including the message size and all the attachments.

Q. My account is disabled! Why?

A. Email accounts are automatically disabled for anyone who isn't registered in the current quarter. Your account can also be suspended for violating school email policy, and you will get a notice.

Q. How do I make more labels?

A. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own custom labels Acrobat PDF Reader Icon for sorting your Gmail.

Q. When I double-click on a email, it disappears. Why?

A. Always single-click to open a message from your inbox. Double-clicking will very often send the message to spam, because the spam button in the message is located near where the title is in the inbox.

Q. I also get EvCC mail through a proxy account. What happens to that?

A. Your proxy has been recreated in Gmail.

Q. How do I get to the proxy?

A. In the upper right corner in Gmail, click on your name. In the dropdown menu, there will be a list of the proxies you belong to and a link in the lower right to switch accounts. Click on the account and select switch accounts to open the proxy account in a new tab.

Q. How do I send out mail from the proxy without including my name?

A. Mail sent from a proxy account will always include the sender's address as well. This is set by Gmail.

Q. When I mail a group, why does it not show up right away?

A. When someone sends an email to a group, there will be a delay before it gets emailed to the other employees. The message does appear in the group. Also, the sender does not get a copy of the email.

Q. How do I forward Gmail messages to my personal email?

A. There's a tutorial for that - follow these steps for auto-forwarding Gmail messages. Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 

Q. Can I schedule an email to be sent for a specific time?

A. Not yet. Google is considering that change. It is possible to schedule an email to be sent at a particular time using the Mass Email application that is available to EvCC employees.

Q. Can I tell if someone read an email?

A. Yes, by requesting a return receipt. Here is how to send mail with a return receipt request. Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 

Q. Can I set the priority for an email?

A. No. Google allows the recipient to set the priority for the email, so you can't set the priority as a sender.

Q. I'm still getting spam. Why isn't Google catching it?

A. There are no spam filters that are 100% effective all the time. Google has some of the best spam filters around, and you can review the tutorial to find out more about spam precautions you can take. Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 

Q. Can I sort the columns in the inbox?

A. No. Users have been asking Google to add that feature, and they are considering it. In the meantime, it is often faster and better to use the Gmail search.

Q. How do I get a message from the archive back to the inbox?

A. When you archive a conversation, it moves it to the All Mail label. To get it back, go to All Mail in the left column of your inbox. Find the conversation, select it, and click on the button at the top that says Move to Inbox.