Campus Safety

We are pleased you have chosen EvCC to work, study and learn. Our staff wants to assure you that as you are part of the Everett Community College Community your safety and security is our primary goal. All members of the EvCC community participate and contribute making our campus a safe, nurturing learning environment.

We are located in one of the safest areas of the city of Everett and as much as we would like to separate the campus from the world that surrounds us, we cannot. We must face the fact that crime does occur on campus. Everett is a growing metropolis and, like any place in modern society, there are dangers. For this reason Campus Safety is committed to providing the utmost in security and safety for all employees, students, guests and visitors of Everett Community College.

Our efforts include educational programming, safety and security policies and procedures as well as community involvement and commitment. Our goal is to provide safety and security services which enhance and support the educational mission of EvCC.