EvCC Leadership Academy

What is Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy was established in 2007 as a professional development program for employees in all types of positions throughout the college including faculty, classified staff, and administrators. Our goal is to provide a personal and supportive experience for the enhancement of skills with specific emphasis on leadership practices, working styles, diversity, communication, group dynamics, design thinking, change management and conflict resolution. Participants meet twice monthly from October through May to explore specific topics and to design and complete a group project that addresses an issue or need at the college.

Congratulations to the 2015 - 2016  Leadership Academy Graduates!

From back to front (left to right): Laura Baker, Robb Etling, Avianca Walker, William Wright, Seth Peterson, Travis McCullough, Anthony Campbell, Tara Murphy, Esther Moss, Dawn Richards, Alexis Restad, Heather Hill, and Salvador Cortez 

Leadership Academy 2015 - 2016 Cohort

Team Snap
Members: Seth Peterson, Tara Murphy, Esther Moss, William Wright 
Project Summary: Team Snap worked with John Bonner, Vice President of Corporate and Work Force Training. Their project focused on listening to the Voices of the AMTEC Students by learning about their experiences, challenges and results. You can find more by viewing the survey on the AMTEC web page as well as the AMTEC Facebook page. The student survey can be found here: AMTEC Student Survey. The student comments link can be found at http://tinyurl.com/AMTEC-Student-Comments, and the student survey results: http://tinyurl.com/AMTEC-Survey-Results.

View their final presentation.  

Team Crackle
Members: Heather Hill, Dawn Richards, Salvador Cortez, and Travis McCullough
Project Summary: Team Crackle worked with Heather Bennett, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Resource Development. Working with Heather Bennett, we created a new platform for the new student mandatory orientation by building a Canvas course that students must complete before registering for classes at EvCC.  Ariana Stafford and Heather Bennett have taken the reigns of the project and will be working with the eLearning  and the IT Department to implement the new Canvas orientation.
View their final presentation.

Team Pop
Members: Laura Baker, Anthony Campbell, Alexis Restad, Avianca Walker, and Robb Etling
Project Summary: Team Pop  worked with Maria Pena, Chief Diversity and Equity Officer. Team POP researched undocumented students' experiences at Everett Community College and identified barriers to students' successful completion of a college degree/certificate. To get involved with future research on this topic or to find out more project information, contact the Diversity & Equity Center.
View their final presentation.

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