What is Collaborative Learning?

Teaching Lab participants found the following articles and resources extremely useful in defining what we mean by "Collaborative Learning”. As you will see in the first reading below, these words have many different definitions in educational literature. (see bibliography for complete references)

"Chapter 1: The Case for Collaborative Learning" Small PDF Icon
Collaborative Learning Techniques, Barkley, Cross, Major, pg. 3-25

IDEA Paper #38 Small PDF Icon
Enhancing Learning-and More! - Through Cooperative Learning, Barbara J. Millis

Designing Effective Group Activities: Lessons for Classroom Teaching and Faculty Development Small PDF Icon
Larry K. Michaelson, L. Dee Fink, Arletta Knight, University of Oklahoma

Three Steps of Facilitating Experiential Learning, Structures and Strategies Small PDF Icon
Spencer Kagan, pg 22-29

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