Sample Weekly Activities

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Week One

Week Two

  • Goal: The goal of week two was to complete the Jigsaw experience by having home groups report out the progress they made toward gathering teaching lab resources. The home groups worked together to create the "resource list" attached here Small PDF Icon.
    The second goal of week two was to learn about seminaring as a CoLT and practice seminaring around the reading attached here.
  • Outcome: The outcome of these two activities is attached.
    • This is the final list (PDF) of resources created by a synthesis of home group recommendations.
    • Below are hand-outs and group reflections regarding the seminar activity.
  • Group Assignments and Handouts:

Week Five

  • Goal: Dean McManusSmall PDF Icon, author and Professor Emeritus from the University of Washington, was invited to the lab to introduce his book, leaving the Lectern. His tells the personal story of his decision to rethink his long time lecture mode courses and turn them into collaborative classrooms.
  • Outcome: As you can see by the participant responsesSmall PDF Icon, this was a fruitful time of sharing with a respected senior professor.

Week Seven

  • Goal: The Book Insights on Leadership, Edited by Larry Spears, (see bibliography for more details) was the center of our work this week. The Think/Pair/Share CoLT was used to lead us in discussion on readings from this text.
  • Outcome: The end of lab reflections written by participants, attached hereSmall PDF Icon, Give you a sense of the outcomes of this lab activity. Personally, and to my surprise, this was one of the most spirited discussions of the year. Lab Assignment ResponseSmall PDF Icon.

Week Nine

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