TLC Studio

instructor stationThe Studio is an experimental classroom and laboratory intended to promote scholarly reflection, which leads to the improvement of learning and teaching. It is a place where faculty can try new instructional methods and share their experiences with other faculty in a collaborative and supportive setting. The Studio provides a space for creative learning and teaching, and resources to support participants as they actively investigate the effectiveness of their course and widen their repertoire of teaching and learning strategies.  The Studio is located in Gray Wolf 268.

What are the features of The Studio?

Mobile Furniture

  • Tables WhiteboardMobile furniture that allows and encourgages faculty to reconfigure the room and try a variety of pedagogies. It is particularly conducive to small group discussions.

  • Mobile white boards that allow the class to be partitioned into small groups, each with a white board.

New Classroom TechnologiesFurniture Cabinet

  • Wireless network

  • Classroom set of Tablet PC's

  • Smartboard (interactive Whiteboard) 
    Please note: The Studio is NOT a computer lab. If a faculty memeber's pedagogy is exclusively tied to the use of the internet, this may not be the right space for you.

    For more information, contact the Arts & Learning Resources Division located in Whitehorse Room 209 or by phone at 425-388-9501.