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How Learning Works, by Ambrose et al.
Distilling the research literature and translating the scientific approach into language relevant to a college or university teacher, this book introduces seven general principles of how students learn.  The authors have drawn on research from a breadth of perspectives (cognitive, developmental, and social psychology; educational research; anthropology; demographics; organizational behavior) to identify a set of key principles underlying learning, from how effective organization enhances retrieval and use of information to what impacts motivation.  Integrating theory with real-classroom examples in practice, this book helps faculty to apply cognitive science advances to improve their own teaching. 

The IDEA Center
The IDEA Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve colleges and universities committed to improving learning, teaching, and leadership and performance

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Assessment, Teaching and Learning Conference (ATL) External Site Link
Hosted by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, this annual conference showcases effective methods, practices, and strategies.