Retaliation is Prohibited

Everett Community College's Equal Opportunity -- Title IX Procedure strictly prohibits any form of retaliation.  Any allegations of retaliation will result in an immediate investigation and appropriate action consistent with the campus due process procedures.  

What are some examples of retaliation? 

Retaliation is any adverse action taken because or your participation in any Title IX proceedings. These are examples:

  • Lowering your grade
  • Poor performance rating
  • Changing work duties or assignments
  • Exclusion from meetings
  • Not being called on in class
  • Change of work schedule
  • Being threatened

Any of the above listed behavior, if found to be retaliation, is subject to additional disciplinary action.  

What do I do if I am retaliated against? 

If someone takes adverse (negative) action against you because you reported or are participating in a Title IX proceeding, immediately notify the Title IX Coordinator: 

Becky Lamboley
Title IX Coordinator
Olympus Hall 207
2000 Tower Street 
Everett, WA 98201