Snohomish County Population by Ethnicity

Snohomish County Demographics - Ethnic/Racial Background

  2011 Sno. Co. Population Percent
African American 19,873 2.8%
Asian/Pacific Islander 70,230 9.7%
Caucasian 590,491 81.7%
Native American 11,263 1.6%
Two or More Races 30,543 4.2%
Total 722,400  
Hispanic/Latino 66,330 9.2%
People of Color 188,201 26.1%


Source: 2011 Population Estimates Race and Hispanic Origin data are collected as two separate questions on the Census, but collected as part of a single question at EvCC. Because of this, Census percentages and EvCC percentages are not directly comparable.

Snohomish County People of Color are defined as non-White, non-Hispanic.