Core Learning Outcomes

1. Engage and take responsibility as active learners
Students will be involved in the learning process as they gain deeper levels of understanding of the subject matter. They will design, complete and analyze projects while developing group interaction and leadership skills.

2. Think critically
Students will develop and practice analytical skills, problem-solving skills and quantitative reasoning skills. Using creativity and self-reflection, they will be able to engage in inquiry that produces well-reasoned, meaningful conclusions.

3. Communicate effectively
Students will develop the organizational and research skills necessary to write and speak effectively. The students will demonstrate awareness of different audiences, styles, and approaches to oral and written communication.

4. Participate in diverse environments
Students will gain the awareness of and sensitivity to diversity, including one’s own place as a global citizen. Students attain knowledge and understanding of the multiple expressions of diversity, and the skills to recognize, analyze and evaluate diverse issues and perspectives.

5. Utilize information literacy skills
Students will develop and employ skills to recognize when information is needed and to locate, evaluate, effectively use and communicate information in its various forms.

6. Demonstrate computer and technology proficiency
Students will use computers and technology as appropriate in their course of study.

7. Identify elements of a sustainable society
Students will integrate and apply economic, ecological, and eco-justice concepts into a systems-thinking framework.

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