EVCC3050: Compensation for Unused Sick Leave

Original Date:   May, 1980
Policy Contact:  VP Administrative Services


As approved by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, Substitute Senate Bill 3537 (Chapter 182, Laws of 1980, 46th Legislature) established an attendance incentive programs for all eligible employees, and requires the Board of Trustees of Community College District V to adopt rules for compensating eligible non-classified personnel for unused sick leave.

Eligible Employees

  1. Classified Employees: The Higher Education Personnel Board adopted rule for administration of this program for classified employees.
  2. All Other Eligible Employees: For purposed of this policy "Eligible Employees" (other than classified employees) means those full-time employees in District V who are entitled to accumulate sick leave.

Sick Leave Accrual Accounts

  1. Two Accounts:  Sick leave entitlement will accrue to full-time employees in two separate categories, the first identified as a "Compensation Account" and the second as an "Auxiliary Account."
  2. Current Leave Accumulation:  A maximum of one (1) day of sick leave earned during each month of employment during a calendar year will be credited to the compensation account and will be deemed a compensable day for purposes of this policy. All days earned in excess of one (1) day for each month of employment during a calendar year shall be credited to the auxiliary account. Academic employees will earn 10 days of compensable sick leave for the regular academic year and 2 days of compensable sick leave for summer quarter. The actual rate of sick leave accrual for a particular employee shall be as specified for exempt employees and in the Agreement between the Snohomish County Community College Federation of Teachers and District V Board of Trustees for academic employees.
  3. Previously Accrued Leave:  Employees with accrued leave under previous leave policies shall have such accruals divided between the two accounts so that not more than one (1) day per month of full-time employment, less days used, shall be credited to the compensation account. Any days accrued in excess of one (1) day per month shall be credited to the auxiliary account.
  4. Compensation for Unused Sick Leave:  Eligible employees or the estates of deceased eligible employees may receive monetary compensation for accrued sick leave as follows:
    A.  In January of each year, and at no other time, an eligible employee whose year end compensable sick leave balance exceeds 60 days may elect to be compensated for those sick leave days, in excess of 60 days, accrued but not used in the previous calendar year
    B. In determining the number of unused sick leave days all sick leave days used in the previous year shall be subtracted from the compensation account
    C. No sick leave days may be converted which would reduce the calendar year balance below sixty days
    D. Monetary compensation for converted compensable days will be paid at a rate equal to one day's pay for each four full days of the accrued days in the compensation account in accordance with the employee's current annual salary as derived from placement on the appropriate Board approved salary schedule
    E. All accrued days for which compensation is paid shall be deducted from the employee's compensation account.
    F. (3) Upon separation from the District due to retirement or death on or after September 1, 1979 for employees eligible under Chapter 150, Laws of 1979, 1st Extraordinary Session or on or after June 12, 1980 for employees eligible under the Chapter 182, Laws of 1980, 46th Legislature, or the estates of deceased eligible employees shall be compensated for all accrued sick leave days remaining in the compensation account. For purposes of this policy, retirement means the employee voluntarily separates from employment with the District, is vested in a state of Washington approved retirement system and had been employed by the District in sick leave earning status for 15 calendar years prior to the voluntary separation, or separates in accordance with the requirements of an approved retirement system.


Compensation for unused sick leave shall not be used in computing the retirement allowance; therefore no contributions are to be made to the retirement system for such payments, nor shall payments be reported as compensation. Any employee who separates from the District for any reason other than death or retirement as defined by this policy shall not be paid accrued sick leave.

Board of Trustees

May, 1980