Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM)

The Bachelor of Arts in Management - Organizational Excellence program, or BAM, is an innovated program that helps employees complete their 4-year degree in management.

BAM is a partnership between EvCC and City U of Seattle that was created for Boeing. After having more than 1000 employees go through, other companies are now sending their employees through the program.

Why Choose BAM?

  • BAM is competency-based so employees can work at their own pace and not duplicate content they already know
  • Company training counts for academic credit toward the degree
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Management - Organizational Excellence is an 'upside down' degree focusing first on the aspects of the degree most applicable to the workplace
  • Participants earn professional certificates en route to the degree. Project Management and High Performance Management certificate programs are aligned with PMI and ASQ (CMQ/OE) standards
  • Day, evening, and weekend options are available and after the first year, the program is online so it is very flexible for working adults

This is an amazing program! I've completed the project management certificate now I'm half way thru to finishing my High Performance management certificate. I'm on my way to earning Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management! - Boeing employee and BAM student, 2017

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