Meet our leadership instructors

Pamela C. Bezona, M.Ed., CPC

Pamela is the Managing Director of a company that provides web-based software tools, training and coaching to help organizations become more effective at managing their most valuable asset – people. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Western Washington University and spent time teaching and coaching secondary education within the public sector. She began her second career with Costco Wholesale while attending Graduate school at Seattle University. Her original employee number was 198. She was the first female forklift driver of the company.

After finishing graduate school, Pamela worked in a variety of positions in warehouse operations. She moved to the corporate Human Resource department in 1998 as a personnel manager. Pamela ended her 24-year tenure with Costco as the Employee Development Manager designing and delivering operationally sound training programs. She has presented workshops and seminars at national SHRM and local Northwest Human Resource Association conferences. Pamela has the reputation of providing practical, interactive and humorous presentations. Her objective is to be the consummate “Edu-Tainer.” She received her certification in Human Resource Management from the University of Washington and recently completed the HR Foundations Certification Program. Pamela is accredited as a Certified Professional Coach from the College of Executive Coaching, the leader in coach training for professionals with graduate degrees. In her third career, Pamela is focused on doing her “heart-work.” Her personal mission statement is: Live fully, create joy, do justice, make a difference. She is committed to changing the world, one business unit at a time, by creating positive work environments through effective hiring and performance coaching. Her avocations include DIY projects, giggle-golf and playing percussion in the Rainbow City Community Band.

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Lynne Lazaroff, M.S.

Lynne Lazaroff has over 25 years of progressive international experience in leadership development, workplace learning and performance, and management for organizational effectiveness. Areas of recent concentration include leadership development, change management, organizational development, coaching, continuous learning environments, teamwork, and identification of current and future performance competencies and development of the means to master them. As an accomplished performance consultant and learning facilitator, Lynne contributes to substantial increases in productivity and bottom-line results for her clients. With a passion for team development, she teaches skills to improve interpersonal dynamics, effective communication, and leadership at every level of an organization. Lynne is spontaneous, humorous, inclusive, and the very definition of high energy. She creates a safe and significantly entertaining learning environment. Participants are challenged to stretch beyond their comfort zones to explore their potential and maximize their performance.

Lynne began her career in Washington, D.C., as a training specialist for the George Washington University and Medical Center. She then obtained the positions of training manager first at Planning Research Corp., a software development company, and then at SatoTravel, Inc. Lynne then was an independent performance consultant and trainer for five years, founding and owning her firm, Action Management Training and Consulting. Her client list exceeded twenty-five and included both private and public sector organizations. Lynne also worked with local universities and colleges during that time. She maintained a repeat business ratio of more than 90%. Lynne then accepted a full-time employment offer from a consulting client; the international telecommunications firm, Cable & Wireless, where she worked full-time in organizational development for four years.

Lynne then moved west and revived Action Management Training and Consulting, and has since transitioned it to The Leadership Dimension. She has successfully obtained and managed consulting contracts in San Francisco, California and the Seattle, Washington metropolitan area. Her client list now exceeds 50, and she has continued to maintain a repeat business ratio of greater than 90%. Lynne is a graduate of the University of Maryland and did graduate work in Human Resources Development at the George Washington University. She received her Master of Science degree in Management for Organizational Effectiveness from the Marymount University. Lynne also completed post-graduate work at the American University in Strategic Human Resource Management. Additionally, she is certified in the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Personal Insights Profiles (DiSC and PIAV), the Managerial Assessment of Proficiencies (MAP), and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i).

Lynne holds memberships and has held Board positions in local professional associations as a means to stay connected and current in our local business environment. These groups include the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTDps), the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Organizational Development Network (PNODN) and the Seattle Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). She is a frequently requested speaker at these professional associations, many local SHRM chapters, and others.

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Shelley Roberts, MBA, BSc., CEC

Shelley Roberts is co-founder of Strategy Clicks, Inc., and an expert in building business environments where people and performance thrive. Using unique tools designed for how the brain and business naturally work together, and a hands-on facilitation approach, Shelley’s clients create strategies and leadership approaches that energize their organization. A leader of leaders, Shelley asks different kinds of questions that have every leader and every stakeholder look at themselves and the company with fresh eyes. Her disarming, professional – and fun! - style allows for an organic process to emerge, where the results are immediate and durable.

Prior to launching her consulting practice, Shelley was the Vice President of Corporate Leadership and Development for a national insurance services company, and a sales and business executive that produced results. Shelley’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups in high-tech, aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industries. With an MBA specializing in leadership and performance, Shelley has been a faculty member and curriculum consultant for the MBA and leadership programs at City University of Seattle, Bellevue College and Everett Community College. In addition, Shelley is a Certified Executive Coach and a faculty member for the US Department of the Navy Lean Six Sigma College where she teaches the people side of continuous process improvement.

Clients Are Saying...

  • Our work with Shelley has given me the confidence and direction to transform our operations, remove the old baggage, and look ahead to the future based on results that really matter!
  • We learned to tap into what could make each associate perform at their highest level!
  • We tried for years to sign a Fortune 100 company as a client. After meeting with several of our employees who have been working directly with Shelley, the client decided to sign AND added seven more states to the contract. We recently won their world-wide ‘Office of the Year’ award!
  • Totally professional and energizing! Our work with Shelley will stick with me forever!
  • The best speaker we’ve had all year!
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Pamela Ziemann

Pamela Ziemann is an Animated Storyteller, International Communication Trainer and Author, she is ready to share a unique learning experience with you. Disciplined, wild, lover of life Pamela overcame a debilitating fear of expression, changed her focus and is now helping others to change the world. In her book Giving Voice to Your Cause, she blends 60 unique speaking tips with real world examples of what it takes for social enterprises to accomplish their mission. Knowing how to genuinely deliver intentions from the heart or effectively promote your cause in a natural and lively manner is the essence of outstanding communication. The speaker who can relate at a deep level is the one who will achieve their mission.

Pamela Ziemann has skillfully shared her vast knowledge and expertise through an easy-to-learn program of interactive exercises for over fifteen years. She guides people with a combined temporal and spiritual approach that focuses on the space between words. She has an uncanny way of playfully daring each person to reveal his or her natural brilliance. Her clients become powerfully present and naturally fearless right from the very first session.Growing up, she was incredibly perceptive. That was the good news and the bad news. Yes, she was a keen observer, but also had a very hard time expressing her insights. Feeling frustrated and isolated well into adulthood, she was determined to turn her life around. She spent over a decade on a personal and spiritual quest, traveling and living in other parts of the world. It was there she found her answer and it proved to be deceptively simple. Empathy for all life is where it’s at.

Pamela decided to create a judgment-free space that welcomes individuality and brings out everyone’s creative genius. Pamela also realized that the true risk-takers are advocates who put everything on the line to stand up and be heard. She refocused her life’s purpose to facilitate full self-expression to these extraordinary people. Pamela is an international speaker, trainer and coach who has changed countless lives with her dedication and love for the free spirit.

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