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Information for High School Teachers

Teach a college-level course, set higher standards for students, and help to prepare students for higher education. Each high school teacher is sponsored by an Everett Community College (EvCC) faculty member who can assist in curriculum development and provide valuable supplemental materials and teaching methodology.

Teacher handbook Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
IDEA Survey Canvas Course ​​​​​​​
Professional development form Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
NACEP Accreditation Standards Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
Minimum high school course qualifications Word Document Icon
English teachers also review: 
  Learning Objectives Word Document IconCritical Thinking Compendium Word Document IconCritical Thinking Rubric Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
Contact the appropriate college faculty for curriculum questions Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
Course placement verification information 
CHS program & grading policies
EvCC course catalog
EvCC employment Application Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
Inter-agency agreement between EvCC and the school district Acrobat PDF Reader Icon

Classroom promotion resources 
Program brochure  
Classroom poster 
Brief overview video 

Information for EvCC Faculty Mentors

Get started with the faculty mentor handbook Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
New teacher approval process Word Document Icon
NACEP accreditation standards Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
Accreditation benefits Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
Memo of Understanding (MOU) Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
Approval form Word Document Icon
Site visit/observation form  Word Document Icon
High school teacher contact information Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
Professional development Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 

Email collegeinhs@everettcc.edu or call 425-267-0150 if you have any questions.