Understanding Data is Key to Your Organization's Success... And Yours

Understanding Data Is Key To Your Organization’s Success… And Yours

Many organizations need people that can provide justifications for key strategic decisions. For a variety of reasons, strategic decisions can be driven by instinct or gut feelings leading to poor or unpredictable performance. However driving your decisions from knowledge of the data and your ability to identify trends in that data is key to making better strategic decisions in a repeatable way.

If you feel like you could get better at making executive decisions (or assisting others to make executive decisions) if you just had the skills to develop queries, properly administer data sources, and further advance your knowledge of structured query language (SQL), then you need to get yourself to a class .

Sharing data with other individuals and other systems is a key component of B2B communication. An instructor led course is the key to picking up the tools for data mining, performance tuning data storage systems, and maintaining your organization’s records. A course will allow you to get up-to-speed quickly in a way that minimizes impact to your personal and professional time. 

Chad Stoker is the founder and ex-CEO of CodeSmart Inc, a subsidiary of PeopleTech Group who now works for WA State as a Chief Architect of Applications. He holds several Microsoft Certifications as an Application Developer and manages large teams of highly talented technical engineers. He came through the ranks of I.T. starting at Desktop Support, moving into Application Development, Database Administration, Network/Infrastructure Configuration, Project Management, Architecture, and finally the C-Suite of his own company.

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