First Level Manager Training

First Level Manager TrainingPeople skills are not enough. Learn how to connect proven approaches in supervision and high performance management to produce better results for your unit, your company, and your career.

The Manager Training is designed for:

  • New and practicing supervisors and managers
  • Those interested in a career in management
  • Individuals who want to increase their value to their employer or their marketability

Those seeking advanced training should enroll in the High Performance Management Certificate program.

The Manager Training consists of three courses:

High Performance Management Essentials (15 hours)
Understand a manger's perspective, responsibility, and toolkit in supporting a company-wide culture of performance excellence.

Supervisor Training (15 hours)
Acquire skills to develop, motivate, and lead a team--and learn how to address problem employee behaviors with confidence and poise.

Employee Management Foundations (9 hours)
Learn how to tie employee performance and development directly to your organization's goals to drive performance--and how to handle poor performance fairly, effectively, and legally.