Small Business Accelerator  Program

Q. What is the Small Business Accelerator?

A. The Small Business Accelerator is an education and coaching program designed for established business owners who are ready to learn and apply proven principles to grow their businesses. The 10-month program combines one-on-one coaching with an expert business coach, monthly workshops on the latest profit strategies, and networking with like-minded business owners.

Q. How much time will be focused on my business and its needs?

A. There is a specific program that will be followed through the 10 monthly workshop sessions. Each workshop (3 hours each) will contain material useful in planning and accelerating your business. Each month, there will be a one-on-one coaching session of 2 hours (total of 20 hours) where you will focus specifically on your business. Each business is unique. During the coaching sessions, we will focus on your specific issues to enable successful implementation of profit ideas.

Q. How were the principles of business acceleration developed?

A. The business acceleration strategies taught in the Small Business Accelerator program are proven strategies that have helped hundreds of small businesses achieve substantial growth. In addition to incorporating best practices from nationally acclaimed business experts, EvCC assembled a team of business experts, industry advisors, and instructional designers from throughout the Puget Sound region to develop a unique, practical curriculum focused on helping established business owners grow profits.

Q. What results should I expect by the end of the course?

A. You will complete an assessment of your current business, create a vision for the future and develop a business plan with goals and strategies. You will learn the principles of business acceleration and how to apply them to your individual business situation. While there can be no guarantee of growth, we expect a business owner who utilizes these concepts and profit ideas to begin seeing positive results within six to twelve months.

Q. Why is the program ten months in length?

A. We will cover a vast amount of acceleration principles and associated material about the growth and development of successful businesses. We have found that it takes time to implement profit ideas and to make sure they are working. The program includes teaching (workshops) and implementing (doing and coaching). Our expectation is you will implement many of these ideas, not just talk about them. Ten months is the minimum period necessary to get organized, design and implement ideas and see results.

Q. What is the value of the coaching?

A. Coaching is about helping to overcome individual obstacles and problems by working one-on-one with owners in their business environment. The business owner gives permission to the coach to hold the owner accountable for his/her declared intentions. The coach reinforces the goals of the owner and helps him/her break through barriers in achieving them. Together they evaluate results and make adjustments. The coach brings many years of experience in this evaluation process.

Q. How do I get started?

A. The first step is to contact one of our business experts at accelerator@everettcc.edu to schedule a brief informational session and interview.