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  • D Diversity
  • EC East County
  • H Hybrid
  • HN Honors
  • LC Learning Community
  • OL Online
  • WE Web Enhanced

Fall 2014 Class Schedule -- September 22 - December 11

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See the World Languages section of this schedule.

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Item  Course # Sec. Course Title Days   Times Crd. Open WL
7972 SPAN 111 S Conversational Spanish I W 5:00pm 2.0 7  
7974 SPAN 112 S Conversational Spanish II W 5:00pm 2.0 7  
7976 SPAN 113 S Conversational Spanish III W 5:00pm 2.0 7  
7992 SPAN& 121 A Spanish I MTWTh 7:40am 5.0 FULL 1
7994 SPAN& 121 B Spanish I MTWTh 10:00am 5.0 FULL 0
7996 SPAN& 121 C Spanish I MW 10:00am 5.0 2  
7997 SPAN& 121 D Spanish I TTh 10:00am 5.0 4  
7998 SPAN& 121 E Spanish I MTWTh 11:10am 5.0 1  
7999 SPAN& 121 HY1 Spanish I MW 2:30pm 5.0 8  
8000 SPAN& 121 HY2 Spanish I M 5:00pm 5.0 FULL 2
8004 SPAN& 121 MO Spanish I TTh 5:20pm 5.0 5  
8016 SPAN& 122 A Spanish II MTWTh 8:50am 5.0 5  
8020 SPAN& 221 HY Spanish IV T 5:00pm 5.0 9  

Icon Details:

  • D Diversity course. This course satisfies the diversity requirement for all associate degrees.
  • EC Course is taught at one of several east Snohomish County locations: Lake Tye Building, Monroe High School or Park Place Middle School in Monroe; Snohomish High School or Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish.
  • H Hybrid course; a portion of the work is done online. You must have reliable Internet access or you may use an EvCC open student computer lab. Class meets weekly on campus. Online fee: tuition/fees + $2.50 per credit.
  • HN Honors; a class that provides an opportunity to do honors-level coursework, which, once completed will appear on the student's transcripts as {Course}: Honors
  • LC Learning Community
  • OL Online course. EvCC Online courses begin the first day of the quarter. WAOL Online courses begin at a later date (check the current start date for the quarter). Online fee: tuition/fees + $2.50 per credit. See eLearning for more information
  • WE Web Enhanced classes are face-to-face courses that require the use of Canvas or other web-based tools. Web enhanced classes: tuition/fees + $2.50 per credit.

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