eLearning Information for Faculty

We work closely with faculty on course design and innovative learning technologies, provide workshops and training related to digital and online pedagogies, and continually investigate new tools that support teaching, learning, and student success. Contact us directly to discuss future workshops and professional development activities, including fulfilling certification requirements for teaching online at Washington's community and technical colleges.

Learning Technologies at EvCC

We support a number of learning technologies that can be used in courses of all types, whether online, hybrid, or face-to-face. You can find out more about them on our Tools and Software pages. Use of these technologies is guided by established protocols that outline how and when individual courses and user records are accessed by eLearning staff and college administrators.

Criteria for Merging Courses in Canvas

Beginning in Winter 2018, courses will need to meet specific criteria before they can be merged in Canvas. This change is the result of new interpretations of FERPA requirements, and all of Washington's community and technical colleges have been advised to update their course merging practices accordingly.

In order to be merged, course sections must meet one of the following conditions:

  • The sections are officially cross-listed, as indicated in the class schedule
  • The sections are part of a learning community, course cluster, or 'bucket' course, as indicated in the class schedule
  • The sections belong to a course that employs 'double sections', as indicated in the class schedule (or by virtue of meeting in the same location at the same time)
  • The sections are part of a cohort-based or linked course, in which students in one section are required to enroll in the other section(s)
  • The sections officially meet at the same time and place, as indicated in the class schedule

Note that in almost all cases online courses cannot be merged. If an online section is formally linked to another section, as described above, it can only be merged if the linked status of the sections is communicated to students prior to registration. All course merge requests must be received by the eLearning department at least 5 business days before the start of classes. Requests should be submitted using the online Request to Merge Course Sections form. We will not be able to act on late requests.

Blueprint Courses

Blueprints in Canvas are a type of course template you can use to create or update content in a single location before synchronizing it to multiple associated courses. For example, if you're teaching two sections of the same class, a blueprint could be associated with both sections; when making changes to the course, you would then be able to update the blueprint and push your changes to both associated sections at the same time. Functionally, blueprints provide many of the same conveniences as merged courses. If you're no longer able to merge course sections (see above), blueprints may be a good solution for you. To request a blueprint course, please complete the online Canvas Blueprint Course Request form.

We encourage you to participate in a brief training session on using Blueprints. See our Workshops page for listings of upcoming dates and times, or contact us at eLearning@everettcc.edu.


Mark your calendars now for our 2017-18 workshop series! These workshops for faculty (as well as interested staff) cover a variety of teaching, learning, and technology topics ranging from elements of course design to classroom practices to hands-on opportunities for developing your own digital resources and tools for teaching. As always, if you have ideas or suggestions for workshops, seminars, or training sessions of any kind please let us know.