How to Log in to Canvas

Canvas Login

To log in to Canvas, go to 

Logging in to Canvas requires you to use your EvCC network login, which is a username and password combination. If you are a student, your username will typically follow this pattern: the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your middle name, and your full last name. Your default password will be the capitalized first letter of your first name, the lowercase first letter of your last name, and your nine-digit student ID number. However, if you did not provide your middle name when you applied to EvCC, your username will contain an 'x' in place of your middle initial.

For example, a student named Jane A. Doe with an ID number of 123456789 would have the following username and default password:

Username: jadoe
Password: Jd123456789

A different student, John Smith, applied to the college without providing his middle name. His student ID is 214365879. His network login information would be:

Username: jxsmith
Password: Js214365879

If you are having difficulties logging in, click on "Forgot Password?" This will allow you to reset your EvCC password. At the end of the password reset process, you will also be given your username.

Forgot your SID?

Your Canvas user name is your Student Identification number. Use your My EvCC page to look it up.