Procedures in the Event of Bomb Threat

No bomb threat is to be ignored! Treat every bomb threat as a potential danger. Check and document every threat!

Prior planning

  1. Security will provide staff with training to better understand procedures to be followed. Keep a bomb data sheet (available from Security) near the telephone and ready for use.
  2. Staff will be trained in the procedures to be followed and their role in any evacuation.

In the Event of a Threat

  1. Staff member receiving the call follows the procedure to keep the caller on the line and obtain as much information as possible (such as accent, background noise, and location of bomb, time set to explode, and who - what - when - where - why....)
  2. Staff member receiving the call advises other office personnel of the threat.
  3. Call Campus Security and the local police immediately. (Ext. 9998, or, if no answer at Campus Security, immediately call 911)
  4. Notify the President’s Office (9572).
  5. President or designee and law enforcement officers decide whether to evacuate campus/ campus buildings.
  6. If the campus/ campus building is evacuated, use normal fire drill procedures.
  7. Campus Security and a staff member familiar with the evacuated building, along with local police and firefighters will conduct the room-to-room search for a device.

Do not announce that any evacuation is due to a bomb threat. Every precaution should be taken to avoid panic, which could bring injury to staff and students.

If a suspected device or actual bomb is found:

  1. Do not touch the suspected explosive device or bomb. 
  2. Do not use a portable phone or handheld radio/walkie talkie in the building.
  3. Evacuate the building by using standard fire drill procedures and seal off the area to prevent any unauthorized entry.
  4. Call Campus Security and the local police. (Ext. 9998; if no answer at Campus Security, immediately call 911). Advise the authorities that an explosive device/bomb has been found.
  5. Wait for a trained explosive demolition team to examine and dispose of the explosive device/bomb.
  6. Notify the President or designee that an explosive device/bomb has been found and its location.