Procedures in the Event of an Earthquake

When an earthquake strikes, the motion is frightening. Keep calm, ride it out, help others. Your chances of survival are excellent if you know how to act.

During the earthquake

  1. If indoors, stay indoors. Crawl under sturdy furniture and hold on to it. If possible, move to an inside wall or to an inside doorway. Stay away from windows and glass.
  2. Do not use candles, matches, or any open flame.
  3. If outside, stay in the open. Keep away from buildings, trees, and electrical wires.
  4. If in a vehicle, stop. Stay inside until the shaking stops.
  5. Follow your building earthquake plan - copies are located at Campus Security office.

After the shaking

  1. Follow your building’s earthquake evacuation plan.
  2. Contact Maintenance for shut-off of all utilities. If leaks occur, report them to the office of Campus Safety. Stay out of buildings until officials indicate it is safe to return.
  3. Inform immediate director or supervisor of present status. Wait for instructions.
  4. Stay out of damaged buildings until it is determined that they are safe to re-enter.
  5. Be wary of aftershocks.
  6. Children will remain at the Early Learning Center until released to parents.