Procedures in the Event of Evacuation

In an emergency, which Campus Safety/Security CANNOT be reached at Ext. 9998, the caller should dial Ext. 9516 for Campus Facilities/Maintenance, or, if no answer, call the College operator at Ext. 9100.

Building Evacuation

  1. All evacuations of campus buildings will occur when either a fire alarm sounds and/or upon notification by Campus Safety/Security or another College Official.
  2. When the fire is detected or when notified to evacuate the building, faculty, staff, students and administrators should immediately leave the building by the nearest marked exit, and alert others to do the same.
  3. As the building is evacuated, assist those with disabilities to exit the building. Remember that the elevators should not be used during a fire or earthquake.
  4. Once outside, proceed to a clear area well away from the affected building. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas, and walkways clear for emergency response vehicles and personnel.
  5. Provide assistance to emergency response personnel and emergency crews as requested and you are able.
  6. DO NOT return to the evacuated building until you have been told by a college official that the building and rooms are safe to reoccupy.
  7. An emergency command post may be set-up in the area. Stay away from the command post unless you have official business.

IMPORTANT: After any evacuation, report to an assembly point designated by the class instructor or college official. Stay there until advised to return to the building or a College Official tells you that the campus is closed.

Campus Evacuation

Upon notification of a campus-wide evacuation, evacuate the campus as directed by a College Official. Campus Safety/Security will direct vehicular traffic from campus. Everett Police, the Washington State Patrol, and/or Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies may be on hand to assist - Follow directions given by the Officers.