Procedures in the Event of an Injury

For an injured person

  1. Apply First Aid. First Aid Supplies are found in First Aid Kits in each building
  2. Call EvCC Security at 425-388-9998 or 9998 if no answer, call Emergency Dispatch at 911.
  3. If appropriate, call for a Medical Aid Car or Ambulance call 911
  4. If needed, contact a responsible party for student, or employee, i.e. spouse, relative, significant other.
  5. Promptly inform the instructor or immediate supervisor and Campus Safety Director (9915) if the injury is serious.
  6. Complete necessary personal accident injury forms.
    • Student: Complete an Incident Report immediately and forward it to the Director of Campus Safety
    • Employee: Complete a Personal Injury/Accident Report Form and forward it to Director of Campus Safety.

For Disaster-Related Injuries to Several Employees or Students

  1. Immediately phone 911and request a Medical Aid Car or an Ambulance and note:
    • The approximate number of people with serious injuries who will need on-site treatment beyond abilities of first-aid trained personnel.
    • The approximate number with serious injuries that will need transportation to a hospital or emergency care center.
  2. Call Campus Security at - Ext. 9998 or 388-9998 to request help.
  3. Notify your immediate supervisor to report the situation.
  4. Stay at the scene until Campus Security arrives and follow the directions of the security officer (such as going to direct emergency workers and paramedics to the site of those needing treatment).
  5. Assign employees trained in first aid -as requested by medical emergency specialists.