Procedures in the Event of Violent or Criminal Behavior

On campus emergencies

Call Campus Security at ext. 9998 and Emergency Dispatch at 911 and report. (If no answer at Campus Security, immediately call 911).

Everyone is asked to assist in making Everett Community College a safe place by being alert to suspicious situations and people by immediately reporting them to Campus Security.

If you are a victim or a witness to any on-campus offense, AVOID RISKS - call Campus Safety/Security at ext. 9998 as soon as possible and report the incident including the following information:

  • Nature of the incident.
  • Location of the incident.
  • Description of person(s) involved.
  • Description of property involved.
  • Description and license number of the offender’s vehicle.

Should gunfire erupt or there is an explosion on campus, you should immediately take cover behind a solid object and remain in a prone position. After the disturbance, and only when you are sure you will be safe, leave the area and go to an assembly point, or obtain emergency first aid if necessary.

What to do if you are taken hostage

  1. Be patient. Time is on your side. Avoid drastic action. Do what you are told.
  2. The initial forty-five (45) minutes are the most dangerous. Follow instructions of the hostage-taker, be alert and stay alive. The hostage-taker may be emotionally/ psychologically impaired. Don’t make mistakes, which could place you in jeopardy.
  3. Don’t speak unless spoken to and only when necessary. Don’t talk down to the hostage-taker who may be in an agitated state. Avoid appearing hostile or threatening. Maintain eye contact with the hostage-taker at all times if possible, but do not stare or glare at him/her. Treat the hostage-taker like royalty.
  4. Try to get some rest. Avoid speculating about danger, the hostage-taker, or rescue. Comply with the hostage-takers instructions to the best of your ability. Avoid arguments. Expect the unexpected.
  5. Be observant. You may be released or find an opportunity to escape. The personal safety of others may depend on your memory.
  6. If gunfire erupts, get down. Lie flat on the floor.