Student Survival Guide

Seven Things Students Need to Know Now

Here are seven things you need to know before Fall classes start on Sept. 22.

  1. First Week Survival GuideGet ready for your first day. Plan to bring your class schedule, your Student ID number, paper, a pen or pencil, your textbooks and whatever kind of organizer you prefer. Find out what textbooks you need, and buy or rent them at the EvCC Bookstore - online or in the store. Visit campus before classes start to find where your classes are located, or check out the campus map. And give yourself some extra time to get to class the first week.
  2. Don’t miss your first class. If you have an emergency, contact your instructor. If you don’t show up by the start of your second class, you can get dropped from your class, especially if there’s a waiting list of students who want to get in.
  3. It’s unlikely that you’ll park right next to where your classes are. Pick a parking lot like the one at College Plaza (across Broadway from most EvCC buildings, marked Lot K on the parking map), park your car, and walk. The parking map shows where student parking spots are. You need a parking pass after the first week. Better yet, ride the bus. Everett Transit busses go right to campus.
  4. Need to visit the Cashiers Office, Enrollment Services or Financial Aid? Check the wait time. Estimated waiting times and the number of people in line are posted here.
  5. Get your EvCC Student ID. You need it for checking out books at the EvCC Library and working out at the Student Fitness Center, and you can get your financial aid sent to your card. Pick up your card at The Paperclip, Parks Student Union, Room 203.
  6. Know where to get food and coffee. EvCC's Parks Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks and snacks are also available in Parks Student Union (Bargreens Coffee, Bookstore), Whitehorse Hall (Bargreens Coffee, Bookstore annex), and Liberty Hall (Bookstore annex).
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What Else?

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