We hope the information contained on this page will assist you in supporting your child's college experience. Some common questions are listed below. Some answers will take you to another page. If you have additional questions, please email Enrollment Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

I pay my student’s tuition. How do I do that?

To pay your student's tuition, you must possess your student's Student Identification number (SID) and PIN, and a copy of the class schedule showing the amount owing. You can pay on the CTC Student Kiosk by credit card,  or at the Cashier's Office in the Parks Student Union. For more information review our payment policies. Visit Important Dates and Deadlines for payment dates.

How will I know if my student is attending class?

College instructors are not required to take or report attendance. Attendance is the student's responsibility. Instructors are not able to speak with parents (or other external parties) about a student's participation or progress, unless the student has provided written permission.

What is my student ultimately responsible for at EvCC?

As parents, we want to assist our children in any way we can. College is an excellent time to allow your student to further develop responsibility, self-reliance, and independence. The student is responsible for: