Running Start FAQ

How do I apply to Running Start?

Check out the Running Start application steps by clicking here

What are the Quarterly Application Priority Deadlines?

Applications submitted by the dates below will be given priority for processing and registration. Late application are accepted. Students are strongly encouraged to meet these priority deadlines.

  • Fall - May 1   Earlybird - April 18
  • Winter - November 1
  • Spring - February 1

What are the costs of the program?

Running Start is not free. Running Start will pay for some or all of the tuition while attending Everett Community College. The amount of tuition covered by Running Start is directly relative to the student's high school schedule. Below is a list of some typical costs associated with Running Start:

How many credits can I take?

In Summer 2011, the state legislature made changes to the Running Start program, limiting the maximum combined funding for a student taking courses at both the high school and the college. In addition, the maximum number of credits Running Start will pay for an academic student was reduced to 15 credits. There is now a formula used by the college and the high school to determine a student's eligibility for tuition-free credits. A student can have eligibility anywhere from three (3) credits tuition-free to 15 credits tuition-free. Each high school formula is slightly different. In order to determine quarterly eligibility, the student should complete the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form.

Here is a typical class schedule for a full-time Running Start student:

Quarter Dates Number of Classes
Fall Late September through early December 3
Winter January through March 3
Spring April through mid-June 3

What classes can I take?

Running Start will fund classes taken for credit and that are above 100 level (college level courses only). This includes online, hybrid, Monroe and any other Everett Community College class. Running Start will pay for a self support class as long as the student is not exceeding their eligibility.

How do I enroll if I am a HomeSchool Student? 

If you are a student in homeschool you have to enroll in a public school district in order to be eligible for the Running Start program. You can fill out the Running Start Application and bring it to your local public school district or high school to be signed. Each quarter you will need to get a signature on your verification form from the public high school you are enrolled with in order to register for college classes through Running Start.

Is there any financial assistance?

Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch at their sponsoring high school and/or students who have been in foster care, qualify for a fee waiver. Fee waivers must be submitted on an annual basis. The fee waiver must be submitted in accordance with the college's payment policy. If documentation is not available at the beginning of the quarter, the student may provide documentation that they received free or reduced lunch in the prior year. This will hold eligibility until current documentation can be acquired. Documentation is typically the letter a family receives from the district granting free or reduced lunch at the sponsoring high school. The fee waiver will be expanded to include tuition on credits above a student's eligibility. Please note that the fee waiver will not cover tuition or fees on classes below the 100 level. Download the Fee Waiver Application Acrobat PDF Reader Icon.

Where do I get a Running Start Enrollment Verification Form?

Each quarter students are required to submit a Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF). This form communicates the student's high school information with the college and will determine their quarterly eligibility for tuition-free credits. The RSEVF can be obtained from the high school counselors directly or from Enrollment Services. Please submit the RSVEF to the High School Programs Office at least one week before the student's registration access date . (Spanish RSEVF)