Student Spotlight - Amber Lindamood

What did you study at EvCC? 
I received my Associates degree in Arts and Science (a DTA)

Why did you choose EvCC?
I chose EvCC because it was local, and allowed me to pursue a higher education without the debt..

What kind of support did you find for former foster care youth at EvCC?
The EvCC Connect program is a great resource for kids who have aged out, or are currently aging out of the foster care system. The Connect program provided support and encouragement as well as a safe place to openly share ones past experiences and current feelings on many different subjects.

Who helped you succeed at EvCC? (faculty member, staff). What did that person do to help you? 

Linda Summers (of the Connect program) played a huge part in helping me succeed at EvCC. She constantly encouraged me and supported me through out my career at EvCC. Cynthia Clarke, an anthropology instructor, also played a huge role in supporting me at EvCC. She went above and beyond in helping me in my Honors classes, and was my mentor for my Honors capstone project.

Diversity & Equity Center Program Manager Linda Summers (left) and Amber Lindamood.

What advice do you have for new EvCC students who were in the foster care system?
I would encourage them to work hard and don't give up! College is hard, but the benefits are great. Find something  that you're passionate about,something that makes your heart beat real fast, and pursue that. People matter. Ask for help when you need it, and always be willing to lend a helping hand. College isn't purely an education, it's an experience.

What do you plan to do next? (Job, transfer, etc.)
This Fall (2015) I will be transferring to Western Washington University (on Everett's campus) to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Human Services.My educational dream is to become a social worker.

Describe the best experience you had at EvCC.
Overall, my college experience with Evcc was great. Overall the best experiences I had EvCC were a result of the smaller classroom sizes. Because of this, I was able to make connections and develop relationships with classmates and instructors.  

Why did you choose the college’s Honors program?
I chose the Honors program because I wanted to deepen my knowledge on subjects I'm passionate about, and gain valuable life experience in the field I'm pursuing.

Please briefly describe your Honors project.
My honors capstone project was in the field of human services. I researched the statistical and psychological importance of foster children and their access to resources. Based on that data, I visited different locations in Snohomish county that served foster youth, and compiled all of my results into a resource binder. (Resources ranging from counseling to food assistance.) I correlated my resource binder with a solar-system themed  board and presented at the Passport to Culture event.