Enrollment Procedures

Dropping a Class Refund Appeal
Withdrawing from a Class Policy Appeal
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Dropping or Withdrawing from a Class

To drop a class, students must submit an official "drop" form in person to Enrollment Services. In some cases, a drop can be done through the online registration system through the first week of the Quarter; it is not wise to wait until the last minute to do that. Students who drop one or more classes through the online registration system should re-enter their record after a few minutes and view their current schedule to confirm the class they dropped is no longer listed.  If students notice discrepancies, they must immediately contact the Enrollment Services Office.  It is also helpful to print confirmation pages of your online transactions.  Students can email Beverly Nunes at bnunes@everettcc.edu to resolve questions about dropping a class. Students should refer to the class schedule or the Important Dates Calendar for deadlines throughout the quarter.

Refund deadlines vary, depending on the type of class, and the date of the drop or withdrawal.

  • Don't assume your instructor will drop you
  • Don't assume Financial Aid will drop you
  • Don't assume an advisor will drop you
  • Don't assume you won't owe money

Refund Appeals

The College's normal refund schedule is described on the web, in handouts, in the class schedule and the catalog. Students who wish to be considered for a refund beyond those regular deadlines must withdraw from the courses, and submit a petition with supporting documentation. Petitions are only considered from students who submit documentation of a call to active military duty due to to national emergency, or a severe and unexpected illness which began during the quarter, and precludes any and all activity. Reserve duty training does not constitute active military duty. Submitting a petition does not guarantee its approval. Students must submit the petition during the quarter that they are requesting a refund.

Policy Appeals

A student may appeal a decision regarding an enrollment policy by sending a written request directly to the Registrar.

Appeals regarding an instructor decision must first be directed to the instructor or the Division Dean. Call 425-388-9211 for more information. Appeals regarding student behavioral disciplinary action must be directed to the Dean of Student Development, Anthony Williams. at 425-388-9282. Procedures related to academic or behavioral grievances follow processes outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.