Scholarships - Undocumented Students

On February 26, 2014, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the REAL Hope Act (SB 6523), also known as the Washington Dream Act. Beginning with the 2014-15 academic year, this new law expands eligibility for the Washington State Need Grant to non-citizens who meet the program’s eligibility requirements in addition to HB1079. HB1079 eligibility requirements.

Important! For every academic year you plan to be in college you must submit a WASFA if you would like to receive financial assistance.

  • Everett Community College Foundation - Scholarships available annually.
  • Beyond Dreaming Scholarship List Acrobat PDF Reader Icon - Find scholarship amounts and qualifications.
  • Latino Educational Achievement Project  - (LEAP) - The Latino/a Educational Achievement Project (LEAP) was started in 1998 to improve academic achievement of Latino students. LEAP offers services such as an annual educational conference and legislative day, student leadership forums and public education workshops for parents, students, and educators. 
  • MALDEF External Site Link - The Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America. MALDEF has developed a Scholarship Resource Guide to support high school, college, and graduate students in their attainment of a higher education. This is a free, informative resource guide for students, parents, and educators.
  • National Scholarships External Site Link - Educators for Fair Consideration provides a list of scholarships that don't require proof of U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency. Scholarships in this section are either open to students across the nation or have a broad geographic eligibility criteria. Check with EACH scholarship individually to find out the exact due date.