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Delbert Richardson's

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The Unspoken Truths

FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 16, 2018 

Opening Reception, Thursday, February 22, 2018
Russell Day Gallery, 12:30-2:00PM

Delbert Richardson, the founder of The Unspoken Truths has passionately collected and amassed an admirable assortment of artifacts that symbolizes the African experience in the Americas and Europe.  They are joyful relics of family moments, and everyday products invented or patented by African Americans – the ironing board, cell phone technology, golf tees, and a pencil sharpener.  They are also the crude reminders of a painful past:  A runaway slave collar – circa 1800.  Branding irons.  Shackles.  A shotgun.  All are equally displayed in The Unspoken Truths African American Museum.

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The "Unspoken" Truths American History Traveling Museum chronicles the rich history of Africans in Africa prior to American Chattel Slavery, the experiences and impact of American Chattel Slavery, Jim Crow Era, and the many contributions African Americans have had on scientific, cultural, and technological (inventions) innovations in the U.S. and the world.

Our Mission: Re-educating learners of all ages that leads to self-restoration and community healing

Our Vision: Incorporating the The American History Traveling Museum into school curriculum, institutions, and organization committed to cultural competence and social justice.