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Spring 2017 Edition

By Molly Beeman 

Spring Has Sprung At EvCC!

Earth Week Events Join EvCC for the seventh annual Earth Week Event Series!
Visit EvCC and join in on the seventh annual Earth Week Event Series, April 17-20, 2017. This year we are continuing our Eco-Cache Scavenger Hunt, hosting TWO Electric Vehicle Shows and our annual plant swap/sale which includes a visit from our special guest, Cisco Morris! New highlights for this years celebration include our guided tours of the Liberty Hall Solar project! Click here for details on Earth Week

Spring Planting Schedule                                                        
Baffled by when and where to plant, mulch and compost? This quick and easy (and downloadable) guide will help guide even seasoned gardners. Click here for a download of the planting schedule

Get Herb and Vegetable Starts and Support Great Causes!
Stop by EvCC's Whitehorse Hall Critique Space on April 18th between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and get great prices on veggie and herb starts, indoor air scrubber plants and much more at the EvCC Plant Sale and Swap. Like last year, we are partnering with the Students for Environmental Action club, who will be selling garden starts as a fundraiser. All proceeds benefit the club and the campus sustainability initiatives!  Click here for Earth Week details.

Sustainable Projects and Programs at EvCC

Recycling Services on Campus

We recycle paper, plastics, aluminum and glass.

Battery, CFL Lightbulbs, Ink Cartridge Recycling

Free to the public!


We compost both food and yard waste.

EvCC Garden Project

The sustainable nutrition class plants, tends and harvests food from this garden.

Junk Mail Reduction Project

Since 2009, this project has reduced the amount of unsolicited mail EvCC receives from 200 pounds a day to less than 10 pounds a day.

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EvCC Sustainability Newsletter is produced by EvCC's Resource Conservation Manager Molly Beeman. To submit a story idea or sustainability tip, email mbeeman@everettcc.edu