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Green Globe in HandsEvCC Sustainability Newsletter

Summer 2014 Edition

By Molly Beeman 

While the weather may not be cooperative, Summer is close by! Check out the remarkable, sustainable summer "re-treat"  pool below...

See the best "pool" you can create, complete with wildlife and solar power to keep it clean and swimmable. 

EvCC's Early Learning Center Gets a Sustainable Greenhouse

The Early Learning Center at EvCC is now host to a plastic bottle greenhouse! Funded by the EvCC Sustainability Intitiative, this reclaimed bottle greenhouse was conceived and constructed by a cohort within this year's EvCC Leadership Academy as their project du jour. The EvCC employees in this Leadership Academy group designed the greenhouse to help kids (and their parents!) gain direct experiential education on sustainability, resource conservation and environmental stewardship. For more information about the EvCC Leadership Academy, click here.


Leadership Academy Plastics Education Project

Another of this year's EvCC Leadership Academy cohorts completed a plastics awareness campaign, complete with an informational website







Sustainable Projects and Programs at EvCC

Recycling Services on Campus

We recycle paper, plastics, aluminum and glass. 

Battery, CFL Lightbulbs, Ink Cartridge Recycling

Free to the public!


We compost both food and yard waste.

EvCC Garden Project

The sustainable nutrition class plants, tends and harvests food from this garden.

Junk Mail Reduction Project

Since 2009, this project has reduced the amount of unsolicited mail EvCC receives from 200 pounds a day to less than 10 pounds a day.

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