Medicine and Health Web Sites

  • FamilyDoctor 
    Consumer-friendly site for health information. 
  • Fastats 
    Statistics on a wide range of health topics from the National Center for Health Statistics. 
  • Healthfinder 
    Provides links to reliable sites for health information. In English and Spanish. 
  • MayoClinic 
    Information about symptoms, medications, and procedures. 
  • Medline Plus 
    Reference to diseases, nutrition, symptoms, tests and more from the National Library of Medicine. 
  • PDRHealth 
    From the creators of the Physicians' Desk Reference, this site lists dosage, precautions, and potential side effects for prescription and over-the-counter drugs as well as herbal supplements. 
  • PubMed 
    Quick search for the National Library of Medicine's Medline. 
  • UpToDate 
    Information, geared towards patients, about common medical conditions and treatments. The clinician version of this site--available through the 'home' link at the top of the page--provides the latest study results from all areas of medicine.

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