Recognized Employees


You Made a Difference

Isabelle Miller, Rene Kratz, Steven Horn, Theresa Markovich, Laura Wild

George Shuh Award

  • Carol Tompkins - Classified Staff
  • Jeanne Leader - Exempt Staff
  • Gail McLean- Faculty

Extra Effort Award

Alana Krueger, Jessica Cain, Karena Hooks, John Olson

Exceptional Faculty Awards

Alyson Indrunas, Ardi Kveven, Pamela Pape-Lindstrom, Joyce Walker

Distinguished Classified Staff

James Snitily, Molly Beeman

Emerging Classified Staff

Erynn O. Sullivan, Alanna Krueger

Diversity Award

Connie Tune


Kathy Ardmore (34 years of service), Lois Wentink (12 years of service), Pat Stettler (10 years of service), Robert Grant (10 years of service), Patricia Davis (7 years of service), Dotty Bock (5 years of service), Mary Hawkins (5 years of service), Darrell Mihara (4 years of service)