Student Housing

Welcome to your new home away from home!

Everett Community College is excited to now offer all enrolled students the ability to live on campus. Apply today and be the first to live in our brand new buildings!

Community isn’t just part of our name, it is something that we live out every day.

What you do with your time outside of the classroom is just as important as your in-class education. Staying on campus provides a living environment that will support your academic and personal goals. Institutional research shows students who live on campus are happier with their college experience, are more involved in campus activities, and earn higher grades. On average they get accepted to higher ranked universities and are offered more scholarships.

What else comes with living on campus?


  • Open year round (including breaks and holidays)
  • Less than a 5 minute walk to classes, library, computer labs, fitness center, and the bus
  • One payment covers: water, electricity, garbage, wireless internet, and a fully furnished room

Campus Life

  • Exclusive activities for on-campus residents (including evenings, weekends, and holidays)
  • Student Resident Assistants throughout each hall who are there to help, share valuable information, and create a sense of community
  • Free shuttle service to international grocery stores and to off-campus shopping

Exclusive Services

  • 24-hour support from live-in staff
  • Bi-weekly office hours held by international staff right outside of your door
  • 24/7 assistance from campus safety and security and electronic key access to building and rooms
  • Tutoring services right where you live
  • Higher level of care provided by professional staff monitoring of student academic progress care

All international students enrolled at EvCC are required to live in student housing unless and until they are granted an exemption from the Student Housing Director or designee. Exemptions may be granted under the following conditions:

  • Has successfully completed three quarters at Everett Community College and has a 2.7 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA),
  • Is 17 years old or younger as they are required to live in a home-stay until the age of 18,
  • Will be living with a parent/legal guardian,
  • Is married or in a registered domestic partnership/civil union,
  • Is caring for a dependent that is living with them,
  • Has specific living arrangements stipulated by their respective government program or college memorandum of understanding (MOU),
  • Has a documented disability that requires off campus accommodation, or
  • Is unable to live in student housing due to space limitations as determined by the college.

You must be admitted to the college and have applied for student housing before submitting an exemption request. All requests must be submitted using the designated exemption request form. Appropriate documentation which demonstrates the authenticity of the circumstances for which you are requesting an exemption must be submitted along with the exemption form.

EvCC Housing: A Student's View
Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii, Richelle Pidong is often asked what compelled her to come to Everett, Washington. “I get a lot of ‘why did you leave paradise to come here?’” says Richelle. Watch her story to find out.