Foundation Vision and Credo

Our Vision

Working together with Everett Community College, we will assist in making available accessible learning opportunities for everyone. We will work together to ensure that Everett Community College is our region’s resource of first choice to meet diverse academic and professional & technical needs. Through our partnership, we will awaken people to possibility and, through education, enable them to achieve their dreams.

Our Credo

  • We treat everyone with respect, integrity, and honesty.
  • We are responsible leaders in community participation and global awareness.
  • We encourage innovation and creativity.
  • We believe in collaboration and the open exchange of ideas.
  • We provide access to education for all.
  • We offer boundless opportunity to those who seek to grow.
  • We excel in all that we do.
  • We believe critical thinking is essential to advancing a civil society.
  • We value all forms of diversity.
  • We commit to live these values to the best of our ability.