Grant Development Steps

Collect Data

  • Research resources - federal state, private
  • Research needs - global, institutional
  • Match program needs to college strategic plan
  • Departmental meetings identifying needs and programs
  • Determine turf for grant seeking and relationships
  • Identify key people for grant data development


  • Match funding needs to funding deadlines
  • Consider likelihood of success
  • Advisory Committee support

Grant Concept Memo

  • Write conceptual draft of the proposal
  • Circulate for review

Draft Grant

  • Need statement
  • Goals/objectives
  • Implementation Activities
  • Timeline
  • Institutional Capacity/Partners
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Budget

Special Considerations

  • Curriculum
  • Library
  • Technology
  • Classroom/Office Space

Review and Approvals

  • Concepts discussed
  • Checklist for Grants and Contracts Circulated

Technical Review

  • Outside reader (optional)


  • Due Date
  • Numbers of copies to send

Copies Filed

  • Numbers of copies to file and file locations (Department, Accounting, VP, Grant Developer)


  • Review contents, people and obligations
  • Negotiate Budget
  • Hold Implemenation Meeting
  • Monthly Reports - Programmatic and Financial
  • Quarterly Review

Not Funded

  • Review, reconsider, rewrite, and resubmit
  • Look for alternative funding sources