Detailed Info from the IDEA Center

The IDEA Center has published a number of papers and reports about their student ratings system. A small selection of those files is available below. 

Please visit the IDEA Center's website External Site Link if you would like to see all their offerings. (If you see references to the Diagnostic Form and the Short Form on their website, we use the Diagnostic Form.)

Research Notes

Research Reports

 Technical Reports

  • Data about the IDEA System Acrobat PDF Reader Icon - This report is divided into six sections. (1) Basic Data (including means, standard deviations, norms for types of institution, and inter-correlations of all items), (2) The Structure of the Ratings, (3) The Process of Adjusting Ratings, (4) Reliability, (5) Validity, and (6) Other Technical Questions
  • Disciplinary Difference in Student Ratings Acrobat PDF Reader Icon - This report explores the question is there a significant difference in student ratings among disciplines.