Vintage Aero Tech Program

Vintage AeroTech Program Through a unique partnership between Everett Community College and the Historic Flight Foundation, Vintage Aero Tech participants explore the history of vintage aircraft and learn how to operate, maintain, and restore vintage aircraft to flying condition.

Participants get up close and personal with vintage aircraft from aviation’s golden age, including World War II ‘warbirds’ like the P51 Mustang and the F8F Bearcat. 

Courses combine professional instruction in classroom theory, hands-on experience in the shop and opportunities to observe and participate in the operation of airworthy vintage aircraft at the Historic Flight Foundation on Paine Field. The program is offered through partnership with Precision Engines and the Historic Flight Foundation.

Who should attend:

  • Vintage aviation enthusiasts
  • Aviation mechanics
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about vintage aircraft in a hands-on setting

Upcoming Courses: 

Vintage Manufacturing the Great Aircraft of History 1927 -1957 
From 1927 to 1957 the worldwide aircraft industry went through evolutionary, if not revolutionary change in design, manufacturing and performance. This 30 year period saw wood and fabric bi-planes changed to metal monoplanes, aircraft prolusion went from the four cycle piston engines (powerplants) to efficient high altitude jet engines. During this same period the new discoveries in aerodynamics combined with the integration of the advanced airframe and powerplants allowed both military and commercial aircraft to continually operate at transonic speeds.


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