Prerequisites and Placement

Preregistration Information

Many of the CHS courses have a required placement prerequisite. For CHS program purposes, the placement prerequisite is an achievement level or class placement level in reading, and/or writing, and/or mathematics.

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Most students can meet the placement prerequisite for Reading/Writing by using their Smarter Balanced Assessment Score Report and for mathematics having their high school transcript evaluated for math classes completed and grade level achievement. Students will authorize the college to obtain these documents when they complete the Program Application Management (PAM) Step 2. Only students who have completed Step 2 may move on the Step 3.

Students who have not taken the Smarter Balanced Assessment will need to take the placement test. The testing fee is $31.80.

Acuplacer Testing Information 

Taking the test

Placement Test at Main Campus

Placement Test at Corporate & Continuing Education Center
(Students can test most Saturdays at this location)

Placement Test at East County Campus (Monroe)

How do I know if I scored high enough? 

Prepare to test

Students may want to prepare in advance of taking a placement test.

Are you also a Running Start student?

If you are also a Running Start student it is important that you register for your Running Start classes before you register for your College in the High School classes. Failure to do so may require you to register for Running Start classes in person rather than online and that increases the chance that the class is full before you are able to register in-person.