The Steps to Complete your College in the High School Registration

Registering for the College in the High School program is a three-step process.

Step 1. Apply for admission if you do not already have a student record. There is no charge to apply for admission. If you participated in CHS before, Running Start, or Tech Prep you DO NOT need to apply for admissions. You do; however, need your EvCC student identification number (SID). Please email or call 425-267-0150 with your full name, address at the time of your last enrollment with EvCC, and date of birth. We will then provide your EvCC SID.

Step 2. Take the Compass Placement Test if your high school course has a placement prerequisite. There is a $30 fee for the test. No test fee waivers are available. Click here for list of courses and whether or not the course requires compass testing. 

Step 3. Register and pay for your CHS class(es). (The username and password you created for your admissions appliction cannot be used to register. If you are a new student create a new account). To register click here. Select your high school, then select the course title from the list. Then select the section with your high school teacher's name. 

Registration and other deadlines apply. Click here for 2014-15 deadline dates.

Please Note: If you are also a Running Start student is is important that you register for your Running Start classes before you register for your College in the High School classes. Failure to do so may require you to register for Running Start classes in person rather than online and that increases the chance that the class is full before you are able to register in-person.