Transfer Credits

How Can College in the High School Credits be Used Toward a College Degree or Certificate?

Transfer College in the High School credits to another College or University
To transfer your earned credits from Everett Community College (EvCC) to another institution you must order an official transcript. An official transcript is sent directly to the receiving college/university from Everett Community College (EvCC). An unofficial transcript is essentially the student's record and is used primarily for advising purposes. Students may obtain an unofficial transcript through the MyEvCC Student Portal. Once in MyEvCC go to the Additional Academic and Student Record Resources area and select "Unoffical Transcript" in the second column.

When a student successfully completes a course offered through the program, the course credits are posted to an official college transcript in exactly the same manner as if they had completed the course on campus. There is no indication on the transcript where the courses were completed; only the year, quarter, title, course number, and GPA points earned are listed. Courses completed can be applied toward a degree or certificate at EvCC, as well as transferred to other institutions. Depending on the institution and the program the student pursues, credits may transfer as direct equivalents to existing courses in the receiving institution or may be transferred as departmental general electives.

Each of the public, four-year colleges/universities within Washington State have agreed to accept transfer credits from this program. However, EvCC can not guarantee whether the class(es) will meet a college/university’s graduation requirements or be accepted by a specific academic department at the college/university. If a student enrolls in the CHS program and also takes and passes an AP exam, colleges will typically accept credits for one or the other but not both. EvCC recommends that you contact the specific college/university admissions office and academic department for clarification (if the student knows the major to be selected). (i.e. The chemistry and biology courses in this program may not be accepted toward a required course in a student’s science major; however, they would be accepted as either a general breadth requirement or elective.)

Students planning to attend a private college/university (either in Washington or out-of-state) should speak to the college/university admissions office to clarify whether these transfer credits will be accepted. Although it is uncommon for classes not to transfer, there have been some exceptions. Students may wish to talk to the admissions advisor at the college they plan to attend to be sure the courses will be accepted. (However, some students have been able to convince out-of-state colleges to accept both high school and college credits for the same course if the student obtains an EvCC course syllabus and outline. (The student can request these from their high school teacher if needed.)

How do I know what my CHS courses transfer as or what the equivalent course is at the college/university I will be attending?

Generally, you can visit any college or university website and use the terms "credit equivalency," "equivalency guide," or "transfer equivalency" to navigate you to the university's site to determine how an EvCC course transfers in. Please note: if the EvCC course has an & attached to the course number you must include it (for example ENGL& 101).